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Why Donate? The simple answer is that all donations go right into paying for all costs associated with the server. With enough donations it will allows us to purchase upgrades to the server for faster, lag-free service, expand to more slots, and also allows us to give you gifts in return.

BlackWater Prison Server!

Brand New Prison Themed Server. It is a server where you work your ass off trying as hard as you can to get to free
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 Donations and the Gifts.

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Donations and the Gifts. Empty
PostSubject: Donations and the Gifts.   Donations and the Gifts. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 2:59 pm

--__[This might be hard to do Sushy,,, but currently I am not sure what the highest donation you'll take it, but the 2nd to highest should be creative, before that GodMode, but after Creative it should be World Edit. This is where your backups will come in handy. A rule to using World Edit would be if you abuse it, in any way or form, it will be an insta-ban.

Now here is the kicker though, and you'll like this, for you Donation Perks, You must Specify that the perks they receive are gifts and that their donation isn't a direct payment for the perks. This way if anything happens, not saying we'd rip them off, because I know you somewhat to not be that type of person, but if someone ever tries to bring legal shit into it, if what you gave them for their donation was a gift, and not a service, they can't sue you.


MAKE sure you list perks as a gift, not a service. It must be in clear sight and in text form to negate people trying to abuse these gifts.

I'm also fairly drunk, so I hope it makes sense.]__--

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Donations and the Gifts.
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