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Brand New Prison Themed Server. It is a server where you work your ass off trying as hard as you can to get to free
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 I would like to be a guard if possible.

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I would like to be a guard if possible. Empty
PostSubject: I would like to be a guard if possible.   I would like to be a guard if possible. I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2012 7:37 pm

IGN: hibye622
Timezone: Central timezone.
Rank being applied for: Guard.
why do you want the rank: I want to be able to put a stop to people getting robbed of there stuff by other players so they can play the game in peace.
what makes you a good choice: I hate it when people kill others and take there stuff because ever sense i got on i was robed of my stuff and i just want to stop people from doing that to others its just un fair and i only pvp when someone attacks me or they attack someone else. Sly said he thinks i would be a good guard also.
In-Game-Rank: Rank 2
In-Game-Money: About 26,000
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I would like to be a guard if possible.
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