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BlackWater Prison Server!

Brand New Prison Themed Server. It is a server where you work your ass off trying as hard as you can to get to free
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 IAMFROSTYx's Guard application

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IAMFROSTYx's Guard application Empty
PostSubject: IAMFROSTYx's Guard application   IAMFROSTYx's Guard application I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 1:18 am

Timezone: GMT+0
Age: 14
How long playing server: 1 week
How long can you play a day: I can play from 3-4hours on weekdays and 4-7 hours on weekends.
Rank being applied for: Guard/TrGuard
Why do you want the rank: I want to help the prison and make sure the players have fun without others spawn killing, pvping, using banned items, breaking the rules etc..
What makes you a good choice: I have a lot of experience as staff, I am reliable, I am trustworthy, I enjoy helping and I am good at doing so. I really like this sort of job where I can help, play and have fun and I want to make sure the players have fun so then they can suggest it to their friends which will eventually grow the server. I am also good at pvp so I can kill any rioting prisoners if they decide to do so.
In-Game-Rank: B2
In-Game-Money:20,000 atm
Thank you for Considering
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IAMFROSTYx's Guard application
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